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Foundations for Success

Foundations for Success is a new guide for social housing providers working with Aboriginal people. To get up to speed with the guide register now for a learning session – places are limited so hurry!

The guide was developed in consultation with public housing, community housing and Aboriginal community housing staff. The guide proposes a flexible client-centred approach to improving housing outcomes for Aboriginal clients and is an invaluable tool for all social housing providers.

The need for change

  • Aboriginal households exit public/AHO housing at twice the rate of non-Aboriginal households and have significantly shorter average tenancy length
  • Over 60 per cent of exiting Aboriginal households exiting in one year are families with children
  • Almost 60 per cent of Aboriginal households who exited in a year returned for multiple assistances within three years

This pattern of repeat assistance leads to poor housing outcomes for clients and significant financial costs to social housing providers due to property turn over and ongoing assistances.

The guide covers:

Part 1 - Principles for working with Aboriginal people and communities

  1. Flexible approach to work with clients
  2. Accessible and culturally appropriate access and service points
  3. Services need to be responsive and timely
  4. Solutions need to be holistic and take into account diversity and complexity of issues and needs
  5. Responses need to be participatory and client focused

Part 2 – How principles apply across tenancy phases

  • Application and pre-allocation of social housing
  • Allocation and tenancy start up
  • Managing emerging issues
  • Tenancy exits

The guide is aligned to other FACS initiatives including:

  • FACS Statement of Commitment to Aboriginal People the FACS Service Charter for Aboriginal clients and the Aboriginal Cultural Inclusion Framework 2015–2018
  • Going Home Staying Home reforms implemented across Specialist Homelessness Services
  • Focus on vulnerable households under the draft Social Housing Policy

Where to get more information

If you have questions about the guide or you would like to know more about our learning sessions, please contact our team at