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AHO Policies

AHO Housing Policy Framework, Services Guidelines, Access Policy, Eligibility Policy, Aboriginality Policy, Appeals Policy and Air Conditioning Policy

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Air Conditioning Policy

This policy outlines the AHO's requirements for the provision of air conditioning systems in Aboriginal Housing in NSW and is supported by Air Conditioning Guidelines.

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Policies & Fact Sheets

Public information on the functions of the AHO.

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) provides information and advice to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are current or future tenants in social housing properites owned by AHO or Housing NSW (HNSW).

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General AHO Fact Sheets

Aboriginal Employment, Home Ownership, Code of Ethics, NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines and more ...
Aboriginal Employment & Development Framework 2011-14 (PDF)
The Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) acknowledges that social, education and economic disadvantage is experienced by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The FACS framework aims to increase the number of Aboriginal people recruited and retained within our department. It is aligned with broader NSW Government strategies to ensure that Aboriginal people in NSW are represented in the workforce, in numbers that are at the very least, reflective of their representation in general population figures.
Happy Homes Booklet (PDF)
The Happy Homes Booklet was created with your family's safety in mind. It will help you to create a safe environment for your family, look out for things that are unsafe and take care of your home.
Housing NSW Register Information Fact Sheet (PDF)
What is the difference between public housing and Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) homes? How do I apply for housing? How long will I wait for housing? Tips on Tenancy
NSW Affordable Housing Guidelines (PDF)
Principles. Eligibility. Allocation Policy. Rent Setting. Review of Eligibility. Trading Assets. Applicant and Tenant Rights. Reporting and Regulatory Requirements. Evaluation.
NSW Standards for Governance and Management for Aboriginal Housing Fact Sheet (PDF)
What are the Standards? Why are Standards important? How the Standards are used? What do the Standards cover? What is included in the Standards? Where can you obtain a copy?
Provider Contract and Performance Management Framework (PDF)
Details the AHO's interactions with ACHPs registered with the AHO as Approved Providers and non-Aboriginal organisations contracted to deliver housing services as an agent of the AHO in relation to all forms of agreement as defined in the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW).
Statement of Business Ethics (PDF)
Who does our Statement of Business Ethics apply to? What are our core business principles? What are our key commercial practices? Gifts and benefits.
Terms of Reference: Regional Aboriginal Housing Committeess (PDF)
Role and business of the AHO, AHO Board and RAHC.
The Power's In Your Hands (PDF)
NSW Government's energy awareness campaign.
The Power's In Your Hands - Fact Sheet (PDF)
Putting power in the hands of NSW consumers. What is 'the power's in your hands' campaign? What's in it for consumers? How will consumer rights be protected? Should all consumers switch? Will the campaign reach all customers? Where can I get more information?
Benchmarking Questions and Answers
Benchmarking is a systematic process for identifying and implementing best or better practices. Benchmarking sets the standard of an organisation's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as operations, policies, programs, strategies, etc., and compares them with standard, similar measurements of its peers.
Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators
AHO Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators (Issued February 2015)
Benchmarking ACHP Reporting Schedule
ACHP Reporting Schedule
Home Ownership Scheme
Home Ownership Scheme
AHO Complaints Resolution Policy - March 2017 (pdf)
Policy to resolve complaints to the AHO
IAB Home Ownership Fact Sheet
Frequently asked questions about home ownership for indigenous buyers.

Build & Grow Fact Sheets

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) has published a series of fact sheets to explain the Build and Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy (Build and Grow Strategy).
Build & Grow Rent Policy (PDF)
Details the rent setting requirements for Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHP).
Build & Grow Rent Policy Fact Sheet (PDF)
The Build & Grow Policy. How will rents be charged under the Build and Grow Rent Policy? CRA for eligible tenants. Capped rent for existing tenants. Build & Grow rent calculator.
Build & Grow CPI supplement for the Rent Policy (PDF)
Household Rent - calculations by family type. CPA for eligible tenants. Weekly CRA information. Property Rents - for Remote, Very Remote, Outer Regional and Discrete Communities.
Head Leasing Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)
What is head leasing? How is property defined in a Head Lease Agreement? Who is the Owning Organisation? Who is the Managing Provider? What is the purpose of the Head Lease Agreement?
Head Lease Policy (PDF)
Head leasing forms a key part of the Build and Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy (Build and Grow) currently being implemented by the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).
Sublease Policy (PDF)
Subleasing and head leasing form part of the Build and Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy (Build and Grow), currently being implemented by the NSW Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).
Build & Grow Rent Policy Fact Sheet 2017
Build & Grow Rent Policy Fact Sheet 2017
Build & Grow Rent Calculator
A spreadsheet designed to calculate the amount of rent a tennant must pay for the housing sector to be viable.

ERA Fact Sheets

Employment Related Accommodation Program - Creating opportunities through housing
ERA Success Stories (PDF)
Success Stories follows people who have broken down barriers and are working towards a brighter future.

PARS Fact Sheets

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) has published a series of fact sheets to explain the Provider Assessment and Registration System (PARS).
PARS Performance Review Framework (PDF)
The PARS Performance Review (PPR) Framework applies to Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACPs) that have been approved under PARS, and establishes the process for undertaking the PPRs.
PARS Performance Review Guide (PDF)
The Performance Review Guide explains how to undertake a PARS Performance Review to maintain registration with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO).
PARS Evidence Guide (PDF)
The PARS Guide for Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (the PARS Evidence Guide) provides information on how Providers can demonstrate that they meet the requirements for each of the PARS performance areas.
PARS Eligibility Criteria (PDF)
Eligibility criteria regarding housing or housing related services
Build & Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy (PDF)
Fact Sheet 1: A key aspect of Build & Grow are the Provider Registration and Assessment System (PARS)
PARS Pilot Evaluation - Executive summary (PDF)
Evaluation of the 2010 Pilot of the Provider Assessment Registration System for AHO. Extract from the Final Report for AHO 10 June 2011.
What is PARS? (PDF)
Fact Sheet 2: Why was PARS developed, and what are the benefits? What is the role of the Registrar of Community Housing and the PARS team? Will the PARS process mean there are fewer Aboriginal Community Housing Providers?
How does PARS work? (PDF)
Fact Sheet 3: What does PARS cover? How are assessments carried out? Is there help for Providers going through the PARS process?
Applying for PARS registration (PDF)
Fact Sheet 4: Process for applying for PARS registration (takes approximately 3-6 months from the time the Provider returns a request to register).
PARS registration process (PDF)
Fact Sheet 5: The process to register for PARS.
PARS Process Overview (PDF)
Fact Sheet 6: PARS 3 steps process.