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Housing Our Mob Everywhere (HOME)

The unique Housing Our Mob Everywhere (HOME) training package is tailored for Aboriginal people and assists them to complete the TAFE-accredited Certificate IV Community Services (Social Housing).

This program has been developed specifically for Aboriginal people who work directly or indirectly in delivering tenancy and property management related services to the Indigenous-community housing sector.

The training is aimed at housing officers, members of boards, management committees, Local Aboriginal Land Council members, tenants and anyone else involved in the provision of social housing services to Aboriginal people.


Skills that have been gained prior to commencing the program, known as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), or Recognised Current Competency (RCC), can be taken into consideration during the course, and successful completion will give accreditation towards a qualification in Social Housing Management.

The HOME training package has been written against the National Community Housing Accreditation Standards. The curriculum was developed by the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO), and licenced to a range of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) nationally, that are able to source vocational education and training funds in order to deliver the program.

Course delivery

The AHO will licence the works to any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that signs the Licence of Copyright Agreement.

Licencees have permission to adapt the works and transfer the curriculum through a qualification that will assist Aboriginal people who work in the social housing field.

Topics covered

Module 1

Help Us Help You
Orientation to Work in Social Housing

Module 2

Doing the Best Job You Can
- Contribute to the policy development

Module 3

Working with the Residential Tenancies Act
- Manage and maintain tenancies
- Work within a legal and ethical framework
- Manage tenancy rent and tenancy charges

Module 4

Solving Problems with the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal - CTTT
- Represent the Organisation in Court

Module 5

Working Well With Our Tenants 'Part 1 - Looking After a Tenancy'
- Manage and maintain tenancies

Module 6

Working Well With Our Tenants 'Part 2 - Collecting the Rent'
- Manage tenancy rent and tenancy charges

Module 7

Managing our Houses 'Part 1 - Property Inspections'
- Undertake property inspections
- Manage vacant properties

Module 8

Managing our Houses 'Part 2 - Repairs and Maintenance'
- Respond to property maintenance or purchase enquiries

Module 9

Managing our Houses 'Part 3 - Asset Management'
- Apply a community development framework

Module 10

Keeping Your Eyes On Your Mob 'Occupational Health Safety'
- Participate in workplace safety

Module 11

Client Service 'Part 1'
- Utilise specialist communication skills to build strong relationships
- Manage housing applications
- Manage housing allocations
- Manage and maintain tenancies

Module 12

Client Service 'Part 2 - Clients with Special Needs'
- Work with other services
- Provide support services to clients


For more information on the HOME training package, contact the AHO.

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