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The Provider Assessment & Registration System (PARS) was established by the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) to ensure high standards in the provision and management of community housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Developed to ensure housing Providers have the capacity to deliver appropriate services to Aboriginal communities, the process aims to:

  • recognise well-performing Providers and support them to deliver better housing services to Aboriginal communities,
  • encourage Providers to have strong and professional management systems in place,
  • encourage sustainability of the sector through ongoing improvement.
  • give tenants and communities confidence in housing services delivered by providers,
  • provide a fair and transparent registration process.

PARS was launched as an initiative under the Build & Grow Aboriginal Community Housing Strategy in February 2010 by the NSW Minister for Housing, and is the fulfillment of a statutory function under Part 5 of the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998, which requires the AHO to assess the competence and suitability of Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHP).

Following the launch, the AHO commissioned an evaluation of a PARS pilot scheme, in June 2010, to assist with the implementation of the process.


 PARS Performance Reviews


PARS Review FrameworkThe Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) has developed a Provider Assessment and Registration System (PARS) Performance Review (PPR) Framework. The PPR applies to Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHPs) that have been approved under PARS, and establishes the process for undertaking the PPRs.

The aim of the PPR Framework is to ensure that ACHPs maintain performance in accordance with the PARS performance requirements.

PARS Approved Providers are required to complete periodic PARS Performance Reviews (PPR). These PPRs, conducted by the Registrar of Community Housing, will provide ongoing assurance that registered Providers are meeting the PARS performance requirements.

The PPR checks that:

  • any required actions identified during a PARS assessment are addressed
  • any non-performance is detected, and
  • steps are put in place to ensure ongoing compliance so assets and tenancies are not put at risk.

The PARS Performance Review (PPR) framework is designed to:

  • provide a systematic approach to PPR activities
  • outline the frequency and scope of PPRs
  • outline the process for PPRs
  • outline the process for dealing with non-performance
  • outline the process for review of decisions by the AHO
  • articulate the role of the Registrar in relation to PPRs
  • articulate the role of the AHO in relation to PPRs and AHO registration.

Read the PARS Performance Review Framework (PDF)


PARS Review GuideTo support Providers through the PARS Performance Reviews, a Guide has been developed and will be given to Providers as they are invited to participate in a review. The Guide explains how to undertake a PARS Performance Review to maintain registration with the AHO.

The Guide also explains the steps in the PPR process, and outlines each of the required performance areas, including the formal performance requirements Providers need to meet in order to achieve compliance.

Read the PARS Performance Review Guide (PDF)

QuotePARS is the assessment system for Providers under the Build and Grow Strategy and is one of the pathways to become registered with the AHO.Quote-end