New South Wales Government Family & Community Services - Aboriginal Housing Office

Capacity Building & Business Development

Housing providers registered with the Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) are eligible for Capacity Building & Business Development support "Capacity Building".

To enable Providers to build strong and sustainable businesses, assistance is given with planning, business operations, tenancy management and asset management. Capacity Building offers four levels of support:

  1. Access to good practice resources and business development programs.
  2. Assistance with accessing training courses.
  3. Targeted training through tailored workshops (currently being developed).
  4. Onsite individual support from a business consultant.

The AHO has contracted a range of Business Consultants to work with Providers to determine the type of assistance needed for each organisation. The needs of each Provider vary, and the Business Consultant will advise about the type of assistance needed specific to each business. This may include advice on assistance needed for the Provider to maintain registration and achieve its future goals.

Training in a variety of disciplines is accessible through Capacity Building.

Capacity Building PolicyThe AHO is committed to working with the Aboriginal Housing Community Housing sector to achieve sustainability, enhance the sector and improve housing outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW through Capacity Building and Business Development.

Grey-Arrow  Capacity Building Policy (PDF)