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Provider Contract & Performance Management

Provider CPM FrameworkThe AHO contracts a range of organisations to provide housing services for Aboriginal people under the Aboriginal Housing Act, 1998 (NSW). The AHO's approach to managing these contracts is detailed in the Provider Contract and Performance Management Framework (PDF).

The Framework aims to:

  • Identify and express the AHO's contract and performance management obligations relating to housing providers
  • Promote a culture of contract and performance management
  • Support the operation of effective and efficient contract management procedures and systems
  • Enable the AHO to build strong relationships with Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHPs) and other organisations to ensure housing and other services are in accordance with the objectives of the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW).

The AHO engages external service providers from across the housing sector and non-government sector including:

Information Collection and Reporting

The AHO asks service providers to supply information through regular reports that make it possible to:

The Provider Contract and Performance Management Framework (PDF) provides information about the principles for AHO information collection and reporting, and how the AHO used information collection from providers.

AHO Benchmarking

Through its Sector and Operational Performance (SOP) team, the AHO is committed to ensuring that tenancy and property management of social housing is delivered in a way that results in better outcomes for Aboriginal tenants. To achieve this, SOP assesses ACHPs on their ability to deliver quality housing based on their progress, strengths and potential risk areas. In particular, SOP works to identify and sustain best practice and addresses management and capacity issues in collaboration with ACHPs.

The SOP team has developed a set of benchmarks for performance reporting. For 2015/16 reporting, the second tranche is introduced. (Benchmarking Questions and Answers [PDF]) The benchmarks are set at a minimum level consistent with the baselines and adjusted to ensure that ACHPs are at least operating at break-even. Benchmarks relate to the current Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide a standard against which each KPI will be measured.

The benchmarks will enable SOP and ACHPs to:

  • self-assess their own performance
  • identify areas of excellence
  • set effective targets for improvement
  • identify performance targets
  • obtain data to support decision-making
  • leverage for growth
  • set new standards for the ACHP and Aboriginal housing sector to meet the requirements under the National Regulatory Code and the industry (social housing) standard
  • identify critical performance gaps
  • enhance ACHP’s housing service delivery, and
  • demonstrate to stakeholders that ACHPs actively strive for continuous service and business improvement.

2015/16 KPIs and Benchmarks Update

In keeping with the purpose of introducing a series of KPIs and benchmarks, the second tranche is now added for reporting for the July to December 2015 reporting period. A number of additional KPIs and benchmarks are built on the pilot benchmarks. These have been expanded to better capture specific performance areas of providers performance. This will also enable AHO to support and build ACHPs capacity to work towards the ACHPs achieving the National Regulatory System (NRS)standard in the coming years. Overtime, the series of incremental KPIs and benchmarks introduce will support ACHPs to sustain, expand, diversify and adapt their businesses to meet the current and future needs of Aboriginal housing tenants in addition to meeting the registration requirements under the NRS.

Follow this link to the new and existing KPIs and benchmarks.

Click here for the AHO Provider Reporting Schedule.

Legislation Basis

The AHO has specific responsibilities and powers under the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW):

Part 3, Section 10

The AHO may enter into agreements with registered Aboriginal housing organisations in relation to funding, housing and other assistance.

Part 4, Section 19(2)(a)

The AHO may, under the conditions of an AHO housing agreement, require the registered Aboriginal housing organisation concerned to meet specified standards and targets in relation to the Aboriginal housing services and programs provided by that Aboriginal housing organisation.

Part 4, Section 19(2)(b)

The AHO may, under the conditions of an AHO housing agreement, ensure that the funding, housing and other assistance provided to the registered Aboriginal housing organisation is used for the purposes for which it was provided.

Part 4, Section 23(2)

The AHO may monitor the activities of a registered Aboriginal housing organisation to determine whether it is complying with the terms and conditions of an AHO housing agreement.

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