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Housing providers

The Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) provides funding support to Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHPs) to carry out operational and management services, including buying and building properties.

Our approved registered housing providers are listed here.

Under section 26 of the Aboriginal Housing Act 1998 (NSW)

To be eligible to receive funding or assistance through any of our programs, such as NPARIH and Build & Grow, ACHPs need to be registered with the AHO.


Aboriginal cultural competency standards

Seven Aboriginal cultural competency standards for self-assessment will help community housing providers review and improve their cultural competency.

Developing cultural competency standards within the mainstream community housing sector is a key deliverable of the Community Housing for Aboriginal People 2012-14 Strategy (CHAP).

The standards were developed through a collaborative process with the CHP sector.


Foundations for Success

Foundations for SuccessFoundations for Success is a new guide for social housing providers working with Aboriginal people. 

The guide was developed in consultation with public housing, community housing and Aboriginal community housing staff. It proposes a flexible client-centred approach to improving housing outcomes for Aboriginal clients and is an invaluable tool for all social housing providers. 


AHO Regional Offices

AHO regionsAHO regional offices provide ACHPs with information and assistance for the many daily challenges faced by ACHPs in all areas of Aboriginal housing management, including AHO registration and funding arrangements.


Property management transfers

Property Management Transfers

On October 17, The Minister for Social Housing Pru Goward announced the successful community housing providers in the Family and Community Services (FACS) Social Housing Management transfer tender.

These transfers do not affect Aboriginal Housing Office tenants, who will continue to be managed by FACS.

QuoteThe Aboriginal Housing Office is at the forefront of developing and delivering initiatives that support the Aboriginal Housing Sector as it strives towards improved housing management and financial sustainability.Quote-end