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Feedback & complaints

The AHO is happy to receive feedback in the interests of maintaining a high level of assistance to our clients.

In order for us to gather the information from your feedback most effectively, we have provided an online feedback form that can be filled out and submitted in just a few minutes.

Feedback form

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Feedback in writing

Additionally, feedback can be passed to an Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) office in written or verbal form and followed up by a staff member. 

  • A verbal complaint can be recorded in writing by an AHO officer.
    Passing comments will be excluded, unless the complainant requests to enter into a formal complaints process.
  • Complainants may have an advocate to assist them in making a complaint. Depending on its nature, the complaint may not be dealt with by the AHO officer or office where it is lodged.



The AHO respects the right of our clients to complain if they receive poor service. The grounds for complaint we can consider relate to:

  • The policies, procedures, processes, or the conduct of staff, the board or employees, of a registered housing-provider or an associated agency.
  • The policies, practices, decisions or conduct of a staff member of the AHO.
  • The provision of community housing (e.g. repairs, maintenance or allocations) by another Government department.

All formal complaints are to be submitted in writing and emailed to the AHO Requests ( inbox.

Information you should provide when making a complaint:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The details of the complaint, including any supporting documents
  • What you are seeking/ require from the AHO
  • Whether you have raised this issue in the past, and
  • If raised previously, the name of the person who dealt with it.

AHO Complaints Resolution Procedure - March 2017 (PDF)


The Department and its related agencies comply with NSW privacy legislation when collecting and managing personal and health information.
Also see FACS privacy notice..


QuoteThe Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) is pleased to receive feedback on our service, in the interests of maintaining a high-level of assistance to our clients.Quote-end



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