New South Wales Government Family & Community Services - Aboriginal Housing Office

AHO partners & stakeholders

NSW GovernmentThe Aboriginal Housing Office (AHO) is supported by and works closely with the NSW Government and other organisations and agencies.

We work in partnership with the Aboriginal Community Housing Providers (ACHP) and the Aboriginal community in delivering housing programs and developing housing policy and standards.

Our approved registered housing providers are listed here.

Our stakeholders include:

  • Aboriginal people at risk of homelessness or in need of assistance to rent or buy their home.
  • Tenants of AHO-owned homes.

The AHO places great importance on its relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders in the NSW Aboriginal community housing sector, including other Government agencies, both State and Federal.

This is evidenced by our commitment to consult with the Aboriginal community through our Regional Aboriginal Housing Committees (RAHCs) and on all significant program and policy matters.

The AHO works in close cooperation with the:

QuoteWe work with different agencies to provide better services that support health, education and employment through housing so that the younger generation can live in safe and adequate homes which will provide them with security in their daily lives.Quote-end